What can we do?
TIME and DESIGN Inc. is a design company in Kyoto. We have a wide human network with craftsmen in Japan.
By using our network, we can introduce studios and factories with amazing technique to the designers and creators from all over the world!

Who is Yuki Mizuki?
YUKI MIZUKI, the founder and CEO of the company has more than 10 years experience of product, graphic and UI design. With her background as a designer, we are working on many design projects in Japan by working with local craftsmen. That’s why we can help you!

We are here for you creative people!
Although there are a lot of craftsmen’s studios/factories in Japan, a lot of them are family-run small businesses, and their doors are not always open to the public. Some places don’t even have a English website. But one thing for sure is that they have skills to make amazing things such as beautiful textile, pottery, bamboo products and many other things…
As a design company, we know how creators are always looking for a unique materials and craftsmen who can make beautiful things for you.
■We introduce Japanese crafts to you
■We take you to craftsmen’s studios/ factories
■We help you to communicate with craftsmen in English

Our services:

The YouTube channel of Japanese craftsmen coming soon…

Creative Tours
TIME and DESIGN has strong connection with over 300 craftsmen’s factories in Japan,especially in Kyoto which used to be the old capital of the country and have a lot of craftsmen’s studios/factories.
If you are a group of creative people, and are looking for a chance to see the factories of Japanese craftsmen, we can help you!

Creative Tours


Design Project Support

TIME to make it work?

Now that you have a Japanese craftsman / company  you want to work with to make your design project come true, you will  definitely need someone in Japan to support you.
We give our wholehearted support to your design project.

Design Project Support


our events:

TIME MACHINE EXHIBITION is the interior exhibition. We mix modern interior and traditional Kyoto crafts together.



Meet our partner craftsmen! Blog
We work with the local craftsmen of Japan, especially in Kyoto. Check out our partner craftsmen!



Currently, we are working on our own product design projects.
Check out our designs!

Coming soon…