Mr.Matsuki’s washi(Japanese paper)

Masumi Matsuki is a 90 years old craftsman in Nishigyo-ku, Kyoto.

You will be surprised to see him in his factory working so vigorously, walking up and down stairs.

I met him three month ago. He was in the middle of the new product development.

His career as a craftsman has been always being a Kimono craftsman.


After graduating from Kyoto city university of Arts, he has made so many Kinomo fabric with his own design.

But it has been difficult for people like him who works for Kimono industry in Kyoto.

Compared to the 1980’s-90’s, the sales of Kimono is said to be less than 1/6.


Because not many people wear kimono in everyday life any more, and a lot of people started to buy cheaper polyester kimono.

Mr. Matsuki has a lot of his own designed patterns and want people to know about them. So he decided to use his design for Japanese paper “Washi.”

He has  developed a new technique to dye his design on paper instead of on kimono fabric. The tough part was to make the color stay on paper. It took him more than 1 year to make a beautiful washi which is also durable. The color don’t fade and stay on paper for a long time.

Now that he is getting ready to sell his own design washi paper, he is looking for a BtoB business opportunities. For example, he want to supply his paper to companies who are making  stationery, paper products and interior items.

His paper is very strong, and the design is all his original.

Mr.Matsuki  (a short video in Japanese…but you can see his work!)

【What can TIME and DESIGN do for you?】

As the partner company, we are currently helping him to make some sample papers by helping to choose the designs and colors from tons of options.(He has so many original designs.)

If you are interested in using his paper in the business, please contact us.



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