Creative Tours (for travelers)

You are a traveler in Kyoto looking for a creative experience?

■Kyoto Creative Tour for travelers
A half-day “semi-order made” tour plan.

Business trip?
Creative tours for Professionals

Half-day short tour
・4-hour tour (From 1PM-5PM)
・2 studios/factories
・From 1-4 people (small group only)
One group: $200 basic fee
plus $50 per  person (not until June 1st 2018!)

Included in our tours:

Pre-trip preparation(reservation making based on your requests /Communication with Japanese craftsmen), Transportation(taxi/train/bus) between two factories, One workshop activity, English guide at all time

One of our guide will meet up with you at  Hankyu railway OMIYA station.

Kawai Hata dyeing factory visit & workshop
The most popular workshop in our factory list.

Factory #2 (your choice)
You can choose from 3 factories on the list.

A: Kimono factory visit
B:Pottery  studio visit
C:”Wagashi”, Japanese confectionery workshop (additional ¥2000)
A lot of craftsmen’s factories are family-run businesses and  can not be ready for the tourists’ visit all the time. We will find a factory that is open on the tour day.

Finish at the factory #2 location

How to register:
Please fill out the request form and let us know about you! It is not a final registration form.

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