Kawai Hata-sen Factory (Dyehouse)

Kawai Hata-sen Factory is a100-year-old dye house in Nakgyo-ku, Kyoto.

Kawai is the family name, Hata means “Flag,” and Sen means “Dye” in Japanese.

If you have been to Japan, especially to Kyoto, you probably had noticed a giant piece of cloth with Kamon(Japanese family crest) hanging on the entrance of temples and shrines. They are called “Maku.”

You also might have noticed  that a lot of restaurants have cloth with their names hanging on the entrance door. They are called “Noren.”

At Kawai Hata-sen Factory, they dye Hata (flags) , Maku and Noren.

They are specialized in dyeing a big items up to 35-meter long.

In 2016, The 4th generation Shokunin (Craftsman) Rihei Kawai  took over the 100-year-old family business and became the new CEO.

(Rihei Kawai)

He is willing to bring the old tradition to the next generation, and is open-minded to work on new projects with foreign designers / creators.

For example, he worked on the interior design project with TIME and DESIGN last year, and made cushion cover with “Kamon”(Japanese family crest.)



【What can TIME and DESIGN do for you?】

We are currently looking for designers, creators, interior design related companies, etc… who want to work  with this factory. They can work with you to dye your own Hata, Maku, Noren or any kind of shape of cloth you like.

If you are interested in working with Kawai Hata-sen Factory, or want to visit them, TIME and DESIGN can help you! Please feel free to contact us.




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