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Creative experience in Japan

Hi! I am Yuki, and I am a product designer. I am working with local Japanese craftsmen, and you can too.
We are here to serve the globally minded design community that believes in the power of collaboration. We believe innovation comes from the diversity of inspiration from all corners of earth.


Check out my videos! I talk about my creative experiences in Japan.


Want to actually see these craftsmen in action? Come get inspired on a private tour with Yuki, customized to professionals to meet your design needs. Most studios in Japan are not open to the public, but with us, you will get to see how these craftsmen produce their unique materials and products. This will also be your opportunity to talk with the craftsmen directly on your project goals or design ideas, and our staff will be happy to translate if needed.



If you are a creative individual or a team, and have identified the Japanese craftsman who you want to work or connect with, we will provide ongoing and on-the ground support from Japan. Our project management services can be in either English or Japanese.




Our featured craftsmen/companies